Being on call for the work of the LORD!

The musicians, all prominent Levites, lived at the Temple. They were exempt from other responsibilities since they were on duty at all hours. – 1 Chronicles 9:33

In the book of Acts we read how the apostles sought out seven godly men full of the Holy Spirit to serve as deacons to allow the apostles to devote themselves to the study of the word and prayer. There is something to be said about allowing certain individuals to be released from certain tasks and maintenance of things related to the church.

When the anointed of God have to do things other than the mission to which they’ve been assigned, they are hampered more times than not with distractions that interfere with their work. A responsible body of believers, church, would ensure that the leadership is able to focus of on the equipping of the saints to do all the godly work to which they’ve been assigned. God forgive us for making the leadership do it all. Didn’t the apostle Paul tells us via the Roman letter to know what our gifts and positions within the body of Christ are and to fill our role with excellence and serve God?

Father, help me to always be one who volunteers to assist and work with the leadership of the local assembly in order to help ease the burden and ensure that I am doing my part. I respect my leadership and understand their positions and the work they have to do. Forgive our assembly for being selfish, pew-warming trough eaters, who never step up and help out minus the few that actually do. Teach your people how to be better stewards of their time, talent, and treasures. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.