The Lord’s blessings are forever,

For when you grant a blessing, O  lord , it is an eternal blessing. – 1 Chronicles 17:27b

David desired to build God a temple because he lived in a cedar palace while the Ark of God was under a tent. David asked prophet what to do, and the prophet told him to follow his heart. However, the Lord told David through the prophet that he would not build the temple, one of his sons would do so instead. God also promised David that he would have a son of his sitting on the throne of Israel forever. David then prayed to God and thanked him for his blessing and noted that the blessing of the Lord is forever.

We have learned through our studies over the years that obedience brings blessing. We learn today that when God blesses someone it is intended forever. David confirmed that word in his prayer. The one thing that will stop the blessing of God is disobedience. We see that in the lives of David and his sons when the sin against God. Yes, God continued the line of David as a dynasty because he had made a covenant with David that had an eternal blessing on it. Jesus will be the final fulfillment of the blessing. However, we can be sure of this one thing about God and his blessings. If God says he is going to bless you, he will. That will not change because God stands by his word. Therefore, if God blesses you, remember to thank him and show your love to him. You do not deserve anything from God. He chooses to bless us because he loves us. It is all about him.

Father, thank you for loving us and showing us great love. You do not have to bless us at all, but you choose to do what you want. I thank you for your choice to bless me with your grace that through faith in Jesus leads to my salvation. I cannot earn it or buy it or work for it. It has to come from you. This blessing is all your doing. May your blessing continue to cover me all my days. Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen