Straight up obedience!

So David went up in obedience to the word that Gad had spoken in the name of the Lord. – 1 Chronicles 21:19

David had ordered a census be taken of all the fighting men in Israel. The LORD considered this a sin against him because it showed distrust in him and a lack of faith in him protecting Israel from her enemies. The LORD gave David three options as punishment, with the least option causing the death of 70,000 people in Israel. David repented of his choice and was told by God to build an altar and offer a sacrifice there to stop the deaths. David went and did as the LORD commanded.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. We think we know what we are doing and end up causing a huge mess for many people around us. The key there is to be open to the correction of the LORD through the convicting power of God the Holy Spirit. He will show us what is right and tell us what is wrong! If we disobey him and cause trouble, then we at least need to be obedient in what He tells us in order to make it right, if He tells us to do anything at all. The least He’ll tell us is to apologize to those affected and to repent of the wrong.

When that convicting word comes, we need to be ready to do whatever the Spirit of God tells us to do! It’s not kosher to avoid the chastisement or to refuse the counsel of God! We need to learn to move out smartly and just be straight up obedient! Take your lumps like an adult and make it happen in humility and repentance. It doesn’t matter, either, what God says to do; the key is to be like Nike says, “Just do it”!

Father, thank you for showing us the importance of being faithful to you and the importance of trusting in you. Many times we get self-confident and take for granted all of the mighty and wonderful things you’ve done for us, are doing for us, and will do for us. Your love for us amazes me continually despite how foolish and troublesome we can be at times. Show us the truth of being obedient to your Word and learning to just move out smartly and accomplishing the task you set before us. It reminds me of Paul’s words: to do all without murmuring and complaining and elsewhere: to be content in all situations. I figure that once we learn to do those two things, then the rest will fall into place rather easily. Thank you once more. May your will be done, not ours, unlike David did with the census. In Jesus’ name, Amen.