There is no favoritism with God, so there shouldn’t be any among his people.

All tasks were assigned to the various groups by means of sacred lots so that no preference would be shown, for there were many qualified officials serving God in the sanctuary from among the descendants of both Eleazar and Ithamar. -1 Chronicles 24:5

David assigned the duties of those serving before the Lord and had their duties assigned by the drawing of sacred lots. This way there was no favoritism shown to one person or group over another.

God told us through Samuel that God is no respecter of persons.  Hr shows no favoritism in his family because no one person id better than another. If God operates this way , then how much more should we also operate this way!  God told us through Paul to imitate Christ, and that means treating all people justly and without favoritism. Paul tells us that in Christ there is neither free nor bond,  male or female, Greek nor Jew.  If you are of the family of God, then you are equal with all his children.  Let us love and deal with all people that way.

Father,  thank you for reminding us today that you do not show any special treatment for a certain person over any other.  You did say that you would show mercy to whomever yoy chose to show mercy, and that isn’t favoritism. It simply means that you can do whatever you want when you want because of your sovereignty. Help me to treat all people equally and justly. I want to become more like you daily. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.