Is your heart fully committed to the Lord?

The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. – 2 Chronicles 16:9

The king of Israel began invading and raiding the towns of Judah and built a city along the border of the two nations to prevent people from emigrating from Israel to Judah. Just prior to this series of events, a massive army from Egypt and Ethiopia had marched against Judah with a force of over 1 Million men! The king of Judah trusted God to defeat this army, which He did. When the king of Israel invaded, the king of Judah bought the allegiance of the Assyrian king who broke ties with Israel and stopped Israel from invading Judah. The Lord came against Judah and its king for trusting in men rather than him, especially after he defeated a million man army! War followed the king of Judah the rest of his days.

King Asa trusted in God to overcome an overwhelming force when they knocked on the door, but he turned to man when a smaller force stared him down. The prophet of the Lord came to the king and told him that the Lord searches the earth for those whose hearts are fully committed to the Lord. Because the king lost heart with the Lord, he found the rest of his days at war rather than having defeated all of his enemies.

We need to ensure that our hearts are fully committed to the Lord. When our hearts are fully devoted to God, he comes along and strengthens us. He overcomes our enemies for us. He has taught us again and again throughout history to stand still and see his salvation! But how many people are willing to follow the words of the Spirit through David and “be still and know that [Jehovah] is God!” There is no enemy that the Lord cannot defeat. It doesn’t matter if that enemy is a person, idea, thing, or supernatural. He is in control and rules the world. It’s all his! Trust him, follow him, and watch him fight your battles for you! He will come through for you when your heart is fully committed to him.

Father, thank you for being yourself! Thank you for creating us and having us as a part of your family. Thank you for your provision. You watch over the just and the unjust. You love everyone you’ve ever created regardless of their dedication to you, yet you do look for those that love you wholeheartedly and strengthen them to live according to your design and desire. May your name be declared among the nations and your deeds made known to all. Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.