They will not listen, even though the prophets are sent to them.

Yet the Lord sent prophets to bring them back to him. The prophets warned them, but still the people would not listen. – 2 Chronicles 24:19

King Joash had been spared from death at the hands of Athaliah because his aunt hid him from her. Jehoiada the high priest raised him in the temple until he was old enough to be made king with the priest as his regent. The high priest raised him as a godly man and taught him the ways of the Lord, but the king turned on the high priest after his death. The king aligned himself with pagan worship, but the son of the priest was sent by God to turn them back to the Lord, along with other prophets too. The king refused the word of the Lord via the prophets, and he even killed Zechariah, son of Jehoiada, in the temple sanctuary. That is how he repaid the high priest for raising him and helped saving his life.

God has sent modern prophets to the land of the free and home of the brave, but the current leadership of this nation refuse to hear the word of the Lord and repent and return to the God of our forefathers. Instead President Obama has allowed the free bashing of Christians, aligned himself with the muslim population of the world, and quietly through non-action approved of the atrocities committed by ISIS. He has promoted the agenda of the few over the will of the many, turned wrong into right, hails right as wrong, and lies through his teeth by claiming to be a Christian all the while supporting policy that is contrary to the very word of God that he says he follows.

Many will say I am judging the president of our nation, but the Bible tells us that we will know people by their fruit. The fruit-growing on a bad tree can never produce good fruit. Any branch from the vine that does not bear fruit or bears bad fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. These are the words of Jesus, not me, so keep the judging comments to yourself. This a calling as we see it moment. The rogue administration will not, I repeat, will not listen to the words of Jehovah, who has continued to woo this nation back to him since September 11, 2001, but it continues to rebel against him. Myself and others have sent word to the White House and will even step foot in the Oval Office one day to address our leader face-to-face, but he will not yield to the Holy Spirit of God.

The Lord has already forewarned me that President Obama is bent on rebelling against him and will take this nation to destruction. Nevertheless, Jehovah tells us not to worry about the stubborn house of Washington. Even though they may revel in their debauchery and strut their prideful agendas in the face of God and man, their briars and scowls should not be allowed to deter us from seeking and serving the Almighty God of heaven! We are to stand against the tide of the coming oppression and destruction of our personal liberties, and instead, trust in the grace and mercy of God. Will you stand with me in the face of the coming adversity and join the revolution of love and grace? Will you stand in faith that God will deliver those who trust in his name and the gift of his son, Jesus? The coming persecution of our faith will only cause more people to find God and rob hell of many souls!

Father, thank you for warning us about the coming judgment on America. You’ve sent and are continuing to send your servants the prophets to the leadership of our nation to warn them of your decision and to woo them back to you. However, you made it clear that this rebellious nation that mimics Israel and Judah of the past will refuse to answer your admonishment and will do what they want instead. I will address the leaders of this nation at your directive and divine appointment. I will not partake of their destruction but will instead trust and follow you. I need the power of your Spirit to accomplish this mission, for in myself I cannot. May your will be done here on earth as it in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.