We all have a part to play.

The work force was made up of everyone who had returned from exile, including Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, Jeshua son of Jehozadak and his fellow priests, and all the Levites.- Ezra 3:8b

The Jews were exiled to Babylon under the hand of Nebuchadnezzar. The temple was destroyed. They spent 70 years in exile just as God has said through Jeremiah. Then under the hand of Cyrus the Jews were able to return to Judah and rebuild the Temple of God. There were only 42,000+ people returning, so everyone had to have a part in the work. Even the leader, Nehemiah, had to work with the crew.

Paul was clear in the Roman letter that the human body can’t have individual parts doing its own thing or say it has no need of other parts. All of them have to come together and work together to make the body function correctly. He then correlates that idea to the body of Christ with Christ as the head. We each have a part to play in the body of Christ and can’t tell other brethren we don’t have need of them. God placed each of us in his body to do the exact things he chose for us to do.

When I read of how Nehemiah, their leader, strapped on a work belt and put his shoulder to the wheel, it reminds me of the importance that we all have working together as a single unit to advance the work, glory, will, and kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ! The position we hold or title we have makes no difference in God’s eyes. He expects us all to work together in unison and in one mindset – that nevertheless his will be done, not ours.

Father, thank you for showing me today the “secret” of success within the body of Christ. We, all, have a part to do, and no one part or function is greater or less than the others. Just as you made some parts of the body to have more glory than others, those that take care of the offal are no less important than the head or arms! I used to think more highly of myself than I should have in the past, but you taught me succinctly the importance of humility. Now, I know the truth of “nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done….on earth as it is in heaven.” In Jesus’ name, Amen.