Doing what is right!

But Mordecai heard about the plot and gave the information to Queen Esther. She then told the king about it and gave Mordecai credit for the report. – Esther 2:22

Two of the king’s men plotted to assassinate him, but their conversations was heard by the queen’s uncle while sitting outside the king’s gate. Mordecai relayed the assassination plot to Queen Esther, who in turn relayed the message to the king. Esther gave credit to her uncle for foiling the plot. The plot was found to be true, so the conspirators were executed.

The apostle Paul wrote that to the person who knows to do right and doesn’t do it, it is sin to that person. Mordecai overheard a plot to kill the king, so he reacted in kindness as he should have done. It was not only loyalty to his niece that prompted his action, but Mordecai was known to be a God-fearing, -loving man. He did the right thing. Are you and I, as children of God, doing the right thing? The right thing isn’t always what’s written out in a code of rules and regulations. There are moral and spiritual right things that come just from knowing the heart and mind of God. It is showing his love for others and stepping up in the time of need to do the right thing. How will we know to do the right thing and not sin? Trust in the Holy Spirit to lead you, guide you, teach you, and talk to you!

Father, thank you for your immense love that goes far beyond we can think or imagine. Thank you for knowing infinitely more than we do. Thank you for doing things that are not necessarily how or why we do them. Thank you for the promised gift of your Holy Spirit from Jesus. May he lead me and guide me into all truth and show me what is the right thing to do always. I need his counsel and your provision. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.