Don’t despise God’s correction.

But consider the joy of those corrected by God! Do not despise the discipline of the Almighty when you sin. – Job 5:17

Job experienced the loss of his fortune, his livelihood, and his children, all at the hands of the devil. He thought that God had chosen to punish him for some sin he’d done, but he knew that he had not sinned against God. One of Job’s friends came to “counsel” Job but really began to condemn him without knowing the real reason behind Job’s sudden turn of events. In his friend’s berating words, though, we find one truth: we aren’t to despise God’s correction.

Throughout the Bible we read the words that God chastises those he loves and not to despise the correction of the Lord. It was not just in Job’s day but also found in the lives of the apostles of Jesus, so there must be Truth in the statement. It is as Paul says, “a trustworthy statement.”

Yes, we are not to despise or refute the Lord’s corrections simply because he is the omniscient, omnipotent God, who knows all and sees all. He knows what we are going to do before we ever do it. Thus, it only goes without saying that when we do wrong, we should expect some form of correction from God. Most often he will warn us through the Holy Spirit NOT to do something we know is wrong. If we do wrong, he will coax us back to his instruction through conviction, at which time we should immediately repent of our sin and ask his forgiveness.

The moment we should have cause for concern is when we willingly disobey God’s admonishment and experience his conviction from the Holy Spirit and won’t acknowledge his correction. Woe unto the person who no longer hears the brush of the wings of the dove when the dove comes to lovingly warn us of the wrongs we do. Woe unto the person whose spiritual ears have gone deaf to the leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit. Woe unto the person who sees God’s hand of provision and protection and decides to go against it. Woe unto the person who experiences God’s correction and chastisement and willingly continues to commit the wrongs for which one has been schooled.

Father, thank you for your love, for you stated that you correct all those you love. If you didn’t correct us and set us on the straight and narrow, then we would not have life eternal. We would be wild, uncontrollable kids run amok without order and in total chaos. Sin would rule the day, and we would be doomed to eternal separation from you. Your word makes it clear that those who have learned the truth of your word and continue to willingly sin have trampled upon the blood of Jesus, made it of no effect in their lives, and can expect nothing short of your judgment. Help me to always be sensitive to your Spirit’s warnings before I get into a mess. If and when I do, help me to be respondent to your correction. I don’t want to be one who makes the sacrifice of Jesus to be wasted upon this one. I love you, Father. I thank you Jesus for paying my sin debt. I thank you Holy Spirit for convicting me when I need it. Why? Because you all love me as your own. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.