An early view of the resurrection.

…people are laid to rest and do not rise again. Until the heavens are no more, they will not wake up nor be roused from their sleep. – Job 14:12

Even Job had an early understanding of the resurrection of the dead. He was more concerned with dying because he tired of the plight he was in, but he knew that death at that point in time was permanent. His words would make it seem so at least till the day when the heavens are no more.

We have pictures of the resurrection of the righteous in various parts of the bible. Daniel spoke of the resurrection of the righteous and one of the wicked. Jesus spoke about the resurrection. Paul gave us the clearest understanding of the resurrection and when it would happen. John added to the picture with his vision from heaven about the last days. But here we have Job, several hundred years before Daniel, speaking of the resurrection. We may not always see it or understand it, but the word is there. The Jews spoke of the resurrection in Jesus day and earlier, so they had record of it in the scriptures.

But why does this passage resonate with me today? Many people in Jesus’ day denied the resurrection, the Sadducees. Peter and Paul warned us about people who will deny the resurrection or say it has already happened. There is tons of controversy over when it will happen. However, IF people would open the bible and actually study it for themselves, they would know that the resurrection of the righteous IS NOT until the end of this age! Paul wrote that our gathering unto Jesus would on the Day of the Lord, which is the second coming of Jesus! He doesn’t make three (3) appearances. Get it straight people.

Even in John’s revelation, he states that the resurrection of the righteous (and hence the rapture) take place at the end of this age when the Lord will send out his angel with a trumpet blast and gather his elect from the four corners of the earth. Don’t let preachers deceive you into believing that Jesus can come anytime! The bible clearly states from Paul that the great apostasy and the revealing of the antichrist MUST HAPPEN BEFORE the Day of the Lord! Please just learn to read your bible and know the truth for yourself.

Father, you told us through Jesus that no man knows the day nor hour of his coming, not even Jesus himself save you! However, you chided the Jews for knowing how to tell the signs of the times for planting but could not tell the signs of the coming of Messiah! Jesus, you told us to look up, watch, and be ready. That is true. We can leave this world without a moment’s notice, and our fate could be sealed in heaven or hell depending with whom we have a personal relationship, you or the devil. The timing of your coming is set! It has a fixed point in time. We may not know the day or hour, but you taught us to know the season of your coming just as a fig tree bears leaves and signals the coming of summer. Help me to reach your people with the truth of your coming and spare them the great deception and falling away that will trip them up and cause them to depart from the faith. I love you and your people and want to see them come to the light and cast away the darkness. Your will be done, Father, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.