More proof of the resurrection from the early days.

And after my body has decayed,yet in my body I will see God! – Job 19:26

As the tirade of accusations and discourse of futility volleyed back and forth between Job and his friends, Job began to declare the truth of the situation. Despite his friends railing against him Job began to acknowledge the One who loved him above all else. Just when family and friends had turned their back on him during his plight, Job recalled that there was a Redeemer, who would rescue him one day. Job even admitted that one day he would see his Redeemer even after he’d died and gone the way of dust. He would see God!

Can you imagine the inspiration Job must have felt knowing that God would redeem him from the death and decay of this life and then stand on another day in the future in body to see God! Job suffered through his plight and questioned why God would do such a thing to him, but only after he’d been brow-beaten by his friends, who made him question all that he knew. Then out of nowhere a vision of future redemption bursts forth on his sight, and Job had an amazing grace encounter with God in his spirit. Oh that we would see the beauty of the resurrection of the righteous! Those who have gone before us will rise from the ashes of death to have corruptible take on incorruptible and mortal to take on immortality. We will one day be a part of that redemption story! Let us never lose sight of the fact that one glad one morning when this life is over, we’ll fly away to the home on God’s celestial shore! I anticipate that day with gladness! The rapture/resurrection may not have happened yet, but it will when the Messiah steps on Mount Olivet to gather his elect from the four corners of the earth with a trumpet blast!

Father, you are so wonderful! Is there any other like you? Of course not! There is only one God and that is you YeHoVaH! Let all other gods bend the knee and confess that you are God, Jesus, all to the glory of our Father! To know that you died and rose again to fulfill the role Job spoke of as Redeemed gives me hope, confidence,and boldness to be your witness to this lost, dying world of sinners that engulfs me. Help me to be a light that shines in the darkness and causes them to want to experience the love of the Redeemer now in this life prior to any catching away, dead or alive. Your will be done oh gracious One! In Jesus’ name, Amen.