Don’t give in to peer pressure.

My son, if sinnersentice you, do not consent. – Proverbs 1:10

Solomon wrote most of the proverbs we have in the Bible. He reportedly wrote 1,500 proverbs during his lifetime. In this opening chapter of the proverbs, he gives us the commentary his father, David, gave him about wisdom and understanding. He notes that David told him that wisdom and understanding will bring life to him. In this listing of proverbs from Solomon, we learn that if sinners try to coax us to go along with them, we are best served not consenting to their wrongdoings.

Have you ever been tempted to join in with a group of people and do something you just knew was wrong? If we are honest, most of us could say that we’ve at least experienced such during our childhood or teenage years. Peer pressure has a way of working on us and coax if not coerce us to go along with the crowd. The biggest excuse for those that do acquiesce is “Everyone else is doing it.” How inexcusable is that tired, worn out line? If one person isn’t doing it, then everyone is not doing it. Also, the reward of following the crowd is a temporary happiness from the pleasure of sin, which has an eternal effect on those who willfully continue in it and don’t repent and seek God’s forgiveness. You can have your fun for the moment, but you will pay for it for a lifetime and beyond. Don’t deceive yourself. God is not mocked. Whatever a person sows, that person will reap its harvest – good or bad.

Father, oh how I want to learn the true, full beauty of your majesty. You are the greatest and are the only One worthy of glory, honor, power, and praise! Your name is to be lifted up and exalted higher than anything, anyone else on earth or in heaven. Forgive me, Dad, for even entertaining thoughts of doing anything that is not your will for me. I’ve had my moments and seasons where doing what “everybody else is doing it” cost me dearly. I don’t want that lifestyle for me any more than I want a disease or anguish or troubles of this life. Please forgive me of my sin of acquiescence. I really do want only your will to be done in my life and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.