Trust God’s wisdom, not yours.

Giveinstructionto a wise man and he will be still wiser. Teach a righteous man, and he willincreasehislearning.- Proverbs 9:9

Solomon continues teaching us about wisdom and understanding. Even though he was the wisest of humans, he did not live out his life so wisely. He failed to adhere to the teachings of his father, David, about the Lord and following the Word of God. There is still a truth here, though, of becoming wiser and learning more if we are wise people living in righteousness, who add to these things by following the Word of God and not just hearing it.

Although Solomon received great wisdom from God to rule the house of Israel, he lived his life in the way of his choosing. Despite all the knowledge and understanding he had, he failed to live by the very Word of God he wrote down and shared with the world. His pride, gained from his vast wisdom, understanding, learning, and such, cost him everything. At the end of his life, Solomon served other gods because he married many pagan women, whom God had forbidden Israel to marry for that very reason. Solomon sacrificed to the gods of Ammon, Moab, Aram, Egypt, and more because he allowed his heart to follow after the folly of chasing women rather than chasing after the life-giving power of the Word of God. He heard the Word of God from the very Holy Spirit of God, and he wrote it down for posterity! However, he failed to live it out and died in his evil ways in the end. Let us not follow in the final footsteps of Solomon. Let us, instead, flee folly, gain Godly understanding, and live out what God tells us to do.

Father, thank you for showing us that you truly are the only source of real wisdom and understanding. If we are wise in our eyes, we are sure to fall. If we are righteous in our power, we are sure to fall short of your standard. You’ve made it impossible for us humans to work or buy or merit our way into eternity with you. You require us to accept your gift of eternal life by grace through faith. You teach us that to be wise is to do and not only hear your Word. You make us righteous through the righteousness of Jesus and no other. Help me to learn to be wise as you are wise. I don’t want to reap the harvest of folly as did Solomon. There is still time in my life to become more like Jesus daily. Help me to shun evil and revere you. I love you, and I want to live with you forever. May your will to be done in my life and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.