The intimacy of a relationship with God.

I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine. – Song of Solomon 6:3

In the second half of this love poem, the man returns to find his love in her bedroom. Then she responds to him and asks if she should get dressed in order to come outside and be with him. However, she finds that he is gone and is away again, but he is only in his gardens. In the course of this epic, the woman tells her attendants that she is her lover’s woman and that he is her man. She says it with deep passion and desire for her man.

Not to make things out to be creepy or weird, listen to the words of the woman. She represents the bride of the Messiah, and she longs for her man. This woman gives her all for her husband and desires no other. This picture should stir a deep desire in us to be as passionate about our Lord as she was about Solomon. Her desire was to be captivate him and cause him to want her as his own. Jesus loves his bride and wants that deep, intimate relationship with her on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the correlation is not one of an emotional or physical connection for us but a spiritual one. Do we really love Jesus so much that we’d go out of our way to draw his attention and then be captivated by his love for us? Do we really want to draw near to God, so that he will draw near to us, as James says? How intimately do you know God? Is he the lover of your spirit and soul? Or, is he just an ethereal God sitting in heaven from whom you ask for things? Is he the One who captivates your spirit and draws you to himself so as not to prostitute your soul to another? Remember that he is a jealous God and will not share his glory with another! He wants us all to himself! The only way to know God intimately is to spend time with him in union or communion. Read his word and hear what he says! Speak to him in quiet prayer and personal worship to feel his heart beat and to know his thoughts and inner most desires! How deep you want to love your God?

Father, thank you for loving me enough to not only redeem me from a demon’s hell through the blood sacrifice of Jesus your Son, but thank you for loving me as a person, an individual, as the object of your affection, and as a part of your bride. Most people don’t understand why you used to call Israel and Judah prostitutes who went leaping after other lovers. They have no idea of how you see your people not only as friends and children but as your bride! Your intimacy is not one of a physical nature but one of sharing yourself with your children and disciples. You want to know us to the highest degree and to have us do the same with you. Eros exists between a man and a woman, as you design, but you also designed for the essence of that type of relationship to exist between you and your church made of both Jew and Gentile. Show us how to fall in love with you. You even told a church of your day to return to their first love, you! Help me to never venture away from you or to turn my heart toward another. You are mine, and I am yours. Thank you for loving me! Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.