Time to announce the warning of the Lord’s return.

The watchmen shout and sing with joy, for before their very eyes they see the Lord returning to Jerusalem. – Isaiah 52:8

The prophet gave a word from God to the Jews. The Lord told them to no longer worry about being enslaved to other nations, for he was going to send them a redeemer. In the message the Lord said that those who bring good news have beautiful feet and that even the watchmen were shouting and singing with joy about the Lord’s return.

As we head toward Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, we need to think about the message of repentance. The message of repentance was the first message that Jesus declared and taught. He came to seek and save the lost in his first time on earth and still wants people to come to him and be saved. The message of repentance is one that every disciple of Jesus has been commissioned to deliver to the lost and dying of this world. Hence we are watchmen tasked with sharing the good news of Jesus and his 2nd return to earth. The caveat is that we only have this lifetime to make the choice to repent of our evil ways and turn to God. Once death occurs or the return of Jesus, whichever happens first, the door to the wedding of the Lord and his bride, the church, is closed for good. Those left standing outside will not be allowed in. Thus we have to bring the good news on our “lovely feet” in order for the lost to be saved as they repent of their sins. Are you about your Father’s business of seeking and saving the lost as Jesus did?

Father, thank you for the gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You gave us eternal life through your Son, which we don’t deserve. You loved us enough to send the very best and redeem us to yourself through him. He came preaching repentance because your kingdom is at hand. You teach us that we have but this lifetime to choose you, Life, or death. You have engaged us with   delivering your message of hope and love and life to the lost and dying world around us. Help me to be a shofar in your hands announcing the message of repentance and to work in the ministry of reconciliation. Just as you want all to come to repentance and none to perish, so I want to be a tool in your hands helping to make that become reality. Your will be done in and through me, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.