Modern-day Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

Have you noticed what people are saying? – “The Lord chose Judah and Israel and then abandoned them!” They are sneering and saying that Israel is not worthy to be counted as a nation. But this is what the Lord says, “I would no more reject my people than I would change my laws that govern night and day, earth and sky. I will never abandon the descendants of Jacob or David, my servant, or change the plan that David’s descendants will rule the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Instead, I will restore them to their land and have mercy on them.” Jeremiah 33:24-26

Jeremiah received a message from YHWH in response to those surrounding Israel that said that the Jews were not worthy to be counted as God’s chosen people. The Lord responded with a message of assurance and hope for his people. He decided that he’s temporarily exile his people into Assyria, Babylonia, and the far reaches of the earth for their rebellion against him; however, he noted that he’d never break his promises to them to love them and be their God and they’d be his people.

If anyone ever had any doubt as to the ownership of Israel belonging to the Hebrews/Jews, then they need to read this passage. Because is not a man that he should lie, he stands by his word to Jacob and will one day return the land to them forever. Oh wait! He’s already done that. Despite Arab aggression and repression and oppression, Jacob is once again in possession of the holy city of Jerusalem, the city that bears YHYW’s name – Yerushalayim (Yah-ru-shalom).

JeHoVaH said he’s no more cast off his chosen people than he would change the laws of physics and space that govern the cosmos and earth. He will NEVER abandon his chosen people, his inheritance from the earth. JeHoVaH has said that there will always be a descendant of David sitting on the throne, who is Jesus (Yahshua). This Davidic King of kings is soon to return to the earth to assume his rightful place to sit upon the throne of David for 1,000 years as King of Righteousness and King of Shalom (peace) – Melchizedek. Once that millennium expires, he then ascends to the role of King of kings forever!

God finished that part of the message with these words, “I WILL RESTORE THEM TO THEIR LAND [emphasis added] and have mercy upon them.” The land occupied my modern Israel belongs to the rightful descendants of Abraham AND Isaac and Jacob, not the sons of Ishmael that have illegally constructed their house of death on the holy site of the Temple Mount. The Arabs will one day soon vacate this piece of real estate belonging to the Jews.

Prayer: Father. Thank you for being true to your word. You never leave or abandon your children. You love us more than life itself, oh wait, you are life. Thus, you love as you love yourself, as you taught us to do – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Oh how I wish that people could see the truth of your word and the fulfillment of your promise to Jacob. The enemy tries desperately to foil your plans, but he fails at every twist and turn. He has small victories because he blinds people to your truth and deceives them into believing his lies, but he loses in the end. May the world see that Israel belongs to you and will thrive
even through the coming death and destruction to be unleashed on mankind by the enemy. May your
will be done, not ours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.