Do you depend on and search for the LORD?

The Lord is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him. – Lamentations 3:25

Jeremiah endured much grief and sorrow over the loss and destruction of his people, nation, and capital city of Jerusalem. The LORD had foretold that Israel would rebel against him once they’d lived in the land a long time, gotten fat and rich and lazy, and soon forgotten him. The word of the LORD came true for both the northern kingdom of Israel and for the southern kingdom of Judah. Now the prophet sits and weeps over the devastation, but he remembers the goodness of the LORD even in the middle of his troubles.

America, we will see devastating times coming to our nation in the near future. Many, too many, think that America is immune from the ailments of the world because we have our guns and our bibles! How sad, foolish, and conceited! Yes, we have our bibles, but do we really open them and read them? Are we carrying out God’s mission in the earth of being his witnesses who proclaim the truth of his Good News of Jesus? We so want to have the blessing of God, but we are not willing to carry out his commands that bring that blessing. Again, how sad!

Jeremiah makes one thing very clear for us in this passage. He states that God, the LORD, is good to those who depend on him and those that search for him. We all know that we need to rely upon God for our provision because he owns everything and has mercy upon whom he chooses! But, why would God be good to those who search for him? Why do we need to search for God? Isn’t he omnipresent? Yes he is! However, he wants us to search for him like a highly valued treasure, that once dug up, a person will guard even with one’s life!

How can we search for God, who is invisible? We spend time in prayer and communion with him in our war rooms, in our vehicles driving, in our walks along the road, in our beds lying down, or wherever we find ourselves to be! The point is that we need to learn to develop and nourish a most intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. He wants to know us as much as a husband and wife want to know each other privately! Is your parent-child/Lord-slave/friend-to-friend relationship with God deep and involved spiritually? How well do you know your God? When was the last time you went off alone to spend time in solitude with the One who gave you life and created you? He knows you, but do you know him?

The bible tells us to seek the LORD while he is able to be found. Elsewhere, it tells us that God diligently rewards those who seek him. Did you notice the operative word there – diligently? It takes more than a casual attitude and approach to God to get to know him. We need to know him better than we anyone else or even ourselves! Once we begin to treasure God over everything and everyone else, then we will see the goodness of God operate in our lives of which Jeremiah spoke!

Father, oh how great and generous are you! Your love never ends! Your mercies are new each morning! You give us breath and light and joy just from getting to know you! How precious are your ways and your commandments! Your word is like honey to my lips and health to my bones! You bestow upon your son all that he could ever want or desire, but you ensure that at the least his need is provided. All this you do with but a Word! How glorious is that Word, for it is none other than your one and only Son, Jesus! Holy Spirit, teach me to walk in the sweet, still ways of the Father as you point me to Jesus. Teach me the Truth that you said into which you will lead me. I desire to know the whole of God whether in this life or the next to come. I want to know all about my Father that the limitations of my human estate will allow. Overwhelm me with the knowledge and wisdom of the Father! Jesus, Savior and brother, show me how to be obedient to all the Father dictates and requests. You demonstrated the perfect example; help me to emulate that example! I search for you O Lord and will never stop depending on you for all that I need and want. It is not about the goodness you show me but the Good God that you are! It’s all about you! May your will be done in me, as I humble myself under your mighty hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.