There is a price to be had for turning against Israel.

Because you clapped and danced and cheered with glee at the destruction of my people, I will raise my fist of judgment against you. – Ezekiel 25:6-7

Once more the LORD Jehovah of heaven, Almighty Creator, gave a message to the prophet Ezekiel. This time the message was for the people of Ammon, who are descendants of Lot and relatives of Israel. Apparently when God exiled Israel into Assyria and Judah into Babylonia, the Ammonites had a field day in celebration of the loss of the Jewish people, much like modern Arabs/Muslims do today. Because the Ammonites had done so, the LORD made it clear to them that they would face His judgment.

America, my personal devotion time with God has become a time of admonition and sadness because you mirror the atrocities committed by and against Israel/Judah in ancient times. For some time now, the message to us, here in the States, has been one of repentance and a time for allowing us to seek the face and will of God. However, the LORD has begun to show us the reality of mocking and unfriending His chosen people – the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The LORD warned the world through Abraham that anyone who blessed him would be blessed, and he said that anyone who cursed him would be cursed.

Well, over the last two decades, we, as a people, have begun the inevitable course of turning our backs on the chosen people of God Almighty. Antisemitism grows daily on an exponential scale around the globe. One would have hoped that we would be the last bastion of support and earthly hope for the Israeli people, but it is for naught.

Our executive leader has chosen the course of action that propels us away from supporting our only real ally and friend in the hottest bed of contention in the world, known as the Middle East. As the daily attacks of terror and aggression against Israel increase at the hand of the Palestinians, we turn a blind eye. Sure he has sent his lackie Kerry to try to stem the tide of violence occurring on the Temple Mount, but to what avail? So long as the PA continues to launch its personal terror campaign, what can be expected as a result? Will there be any other outcome save retaliation and escalation?

God will defend His chosen ones against all enemies now that He has promised to secure them a place in their ancestral homeland. There will no longer be a total decimation of the Israeli people. It was foretold long ago that a vast majority of these latter-day Jews would be annihilated until the time of the Gentiles is complete. Those days are fast approaching. Jerusalem is the center of our globe in regards to God’s design. It is the city that still bears His name to this day. Whether it’s the PA or the USA, God will defend his people. Those who outright attack His people will face a swift and speedy destruction. Those who sit by and scoff at Israel during his time of affliction will not go unpunished either. The LORD has made it abundantly clear that He will raise His fist of judgment against those who cheer at the devastation of His people!

Father and LORD God of the universe! King of kings! Lord of lords! Creator! Savior! Redeemer! Giver of His Son – Jesus! Giver of mercy! Giver of grace! Giver of unfailing love! Giver of your Holy Spirit! All these things describe your eternal essence, beauty, and majesty! There is no one like you, and no other gods will ever take your place. You are the Sovereign One. The Holy One! The Chosen One of Israel! Tonight I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the protection and safety of your people, Israel. They have suffered at the hands of their enemies since their birthing in Egypt. From Pharaoh to Philistia to Assyria to Babylonia to Greece to Rome and now to the sons of Ishmael, the cycle of violence continues. Your Word states that there is an end to this cycle, but how long o Lord must my future brethren suffer at the hands of their enemies? How long must the people of the covenant die for the sins of their fathers so long ago? They try in desperation to adhere to the stringent requirements of your mandates, but we know they will never attain life, at least eternal life, in this manner. For the blood of animals couldn’t cleanse them of sin before Jesus, and their sacrifices stopped with the destruction of the Herodian Temple in 70 AD at the hands of Roman General Pompei. Lord, spare the remnant of Israel that is left and to become a part of the family of God. Jesus, You are the blessed Hope by which all men can have eternal life. My executive leader chose to alienate my people from Your people. Spare us and hold not against us the sins of the leaders. I know that there is a coming judgment upon this nation for its abandonment of Your people. Please help me to prepare Your chosen here in this nation for that coming day of the LORD! Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.