His judgments are true and just.

“And I heard a voice from the altar, saying, ‘Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, your judgments are true and just.’” – Revelation 16:7

We see the outpouring of the seven bowl judgments on the earth during the end of time. The LORD unleashes his judgment upon the followers of the beast who have either taken his mark or worship his name. The judgments bring torment and punishment to their recipients. In the midst of the plagues, an angel of God cries aloud that God is Almighty and his judgments are true and just. The judgments pay back the rebels for their stubbornness to worship the one, true God.

To us believers, this statement should create a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what Jesus did for us through his sacrifice and resurrection. Without these two connected events, everyone would be headed for the fate to be experienced by the followers of satan.

The LORD has given people the opportunity and time to come to know his Son in a personal relationship. Even those who may not have heard the good news of Jesus and the kingdom of heaven have no excuse for not coming to know the Creator as Lord and Savior. Why? Paul states that they are able to see the handiwork of God in his creation and thus should be able to recognize and understand their need for the One greater than all else.

Those who eventually will take the mark of satan or worship his name will receive in their bodies first and later in their eternal bodies the pain and suffering and torment their crimes against heaven and humanity deserve! The LORD has made it abundantly clear to us all that their is a hefty price to pay for refusing his love gift of eternal life in and through Jesus, his one and only Son!

The reason I say that we who are children of God should have a deep respect and attitude of gratitude is that we escape this horrific eternity to be lived out by the rebellion. If we were not sensitive to the calling, choosing, and conviction of the Holy Spirit thereby propelling us to be the faithful, we would endure the same fate. Out of love for our Father and his grace and mercy, let us praise him and honor him and worship him. His mercy endures forever to those that love him and are his.

Father, where do I even begin to thank you? There is  so much that I have been spared from in this life to be thankful for. First and foremost I thank you that I am not headed for a demons’ hell. You created it for the original rebels, but you have assigned a place among them for the second wave of rebels. Show me your mercy and grace daily. Every breath that I take is a small token of that grace. Every day that I am above ground and not roasting like a hot dog on a stick or infested with subterranean worms that never get their fill nor ever die is a small token of your mercy. Your love goes beyond all that I can think or imagine. I cannot even begin to comprehend the depth or breadth of such love. You choose to love me and care for me far greater than any human has or could. For all this I am indebted to you. Out of love for you I want to serve you and trust you and do what you command and ask of me. Honestly and humbly I pray that your will be done on this earth as it in heaven, not mine. I have to rely upon you, or I will go bonkers. I love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.