Be an encouragement to the unsung heroes of the faith.

Oh, praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD, you who serve at night in the house of the LORD. Lift your hands toward the sanctuary, and praise the LORD. May the LORD, who made heaven and earth, bless you from Jerusalem. – Psalm 134

The writer penned a short song for those making pilgrimage to Jerusalem or coming into the city. He instructed the priests and Levites to praise the LORD and to do so through lifted hands. The song was an encouragement to those working the lonely hours of the late and graveyards shifts in the tabernacle/temple.

There are many unsung heroes of the faith from yesteryear and the present. They serve the LORD doing the jobs that others may not want or refuse to do or are not called to do. These servants take on the tasks of everyday life and service within the body of Messiah Jesus and help to ensure that the bride of Messiah is pure, spotless, and without blemish. They may be janitors, office workers, grounds keepers, accountants, and those other positions not occupied by the laity of the church. Sure, everyone knows the deacons, elders, pastors, musicians, and ushers, but do you know the unsung heroes? Do you appreciate and thank those who do the little things that aren’t always in the limelight or center stage? Paul stated that there are parts of the body that are made for grandeur and parts made for offal. Neither part is more glorious than other because they cannot operate independently of the other. Every part has its function and has to work in conjunction with the rest of the body. So the next time you see a Sunday school teacher or nursery worker or custodian or other unsung hero, give them a pat on the back and prophesy into their lives by encouraging them with a great word of love and hope from the Scriptures!

Father, thank you for every person whom you have placed into the body of Messiah. It was not our choice where we fit and where we serve; you decided that before time began. We merely have to be obedient in love and serve you where and how you dictate. I thank you for the unsung heroes who do the yeoman’s share of the work behind the scenes helping to keep the kingdom progressing forward, as you intend! May they be blessed and give you praise as they serve you. Allow me to assist them as I can and where I can by your design. It’s all for your glory anyway. We just want to serve you and be a part of your wonderful family. May your will be done, not ours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.