The fallacy of global-warming explained in Scripture.

As long as the earth endures, seed-time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. – Genesis 8:2

God had flooded the earth and wiped out all living things save what and who were in the ark. The time had come for Noah and family to repopulate the earth and reset all life on the planet. Noah one day built an altar and made sacrifice to God for saving him, his family, and restoring the earth. The aroma of the sacrifice pleased God and then stated that as long as the earth exists there would be cycles of seasons and weather, which won’t cease until God says so.

From this passage we should be able to put to bed forever the argument and debate over whether there is a global warming phenomenon or not. The LORD stated that so long as the earth exists there will be cold and heat, summer and winter. Therefore, we will see these cyclical patterns of weather continue throughout the existence of man no matter what. Whether one year is hotter or colder than others is a moot point. We will see cold and heat and summer and winter until time is no more. The junk science that people put out stating that we are going to raise the oceans’ levels and flood the earth doesn’t take into account the Noahic covenant that God instituted and stated that God would never flood the earth all at once again and wipe out all life. The rainbow is our symbol of guarantee that such flooding will not wipe out mankind completely. So let it get warmer because it will get colder once more. God said it; it will happen. Period!

Father, thank you for the seasons that sustain life on earth for the time of mankind. You said we’d see changes in weather and temperature throughout the existence of the earth. Thus we must not get ourselves all worried about a possible flooding of the earth from rising sea levels because you promised never to repeat the Great Flood! Your rainbow is that promise symbol! Help mankind to see the truth and come to know you through things like the rainbow and the written scriptures. I don’t let people worry me about such things because I know that your word holds true and will accomplish what you assigned it to do. May your will be done, not that of mankind. In Jesus’ name, Amen.