Leaving it all behind.

Joseph named his firstborn Manasseh and said, “It is because God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household.” – Genesis 41:51

The cup-bearer heard that Pharaoh had a dream that the wise men of Egypt could not interpret. He then remembered how Joseph had interpreted his dream and explained it the king. Pharaoh then called for Joseph, who told the king what the dream meant and what would follow. The LORD gave Joseph a wise answer on how to solve the imminent danger, and the solution pleased the king. It was at that moment that the king made Joseph the second in command over the nation of Egypt. When Joseph’s first son was born, he named him Manasseh, which means that God caused him to forget all his troubles.

We are to learn from our past in order not to repeat the mistakes and troubles that occurred during that period of our lives; however, we need to learn the lesson the apostle Paul did. We need to do this one thing – forget those things that are behind us and press on toward the calling of the high mark of God that he’s set before us. Why should we dwell in the past? There is nothing we can do to change what happened then save forget the painful memories. Even Jesus taught us to focus on the here and now because yesterday is gone and tomorrow will take care of itself (for it may not come at all). Do you have some bygone issue that nags you constantly or periodically? Put in the care of the Father and leave it there. The apostle Peter taught us to humble ourselves under the hand of God and cast our cares upon him because he does care for us. Therefore, who are you to not obey God and continue carrying weights and sorrows from the past of which you can do nothing? Let me encourage you to trust solely upon the Father and walk in his blessing as did Joseph. How can we do that? By being obedient to God as was Joseph, with whom God went everywhere and blessed him and all that he did including those around him.

Father, thank you for loving us and providing for us. You have taught us over the years that blessing follows obedience. It was because Joseph knew better than to sleep with the boss’ wife and sin against you that you blessed him and eventually made him prime minister of Egypt in his day. I may never be one of great position or authority in this life, but I do know that I am leaving all my cares and issues in life behind me and pushing on toward the calling you’ve given me. There is too much to do in this life that requires reliance strictly upon you. I can’t afford to try to do things in my power, for I know that inevitably I’ll fail. Lead me and guide me by your Spirit into all truth. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.