Who is like unto our God, YHWH?

Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you—majestic in holiness,
awesome in glory, working wonders? – Exodus 15:11

The Egyptians finally released the Hebrews and allowed them to exit the nation into the wilderness. Once Pharaoh realized that he’d allowed his slave labor to walk away free, he then pursued hotly after them to bring them back to Egypt. The Hebrews had camped along the desert on one side and the Red Sea on the other. The LORD had Moses lead the Hebrews through the Red Sea after He’d parted the waters with a mighty east wind. When Egypt tried to pursue Israel through the sea, a mighty west wind blew the waters upon the army and drowned them. Then Israel began praising God for delivering them from their enemies. Moses led the congregation in a song that contained the words selected from today’s passage. He gave thanks and praise to the living God of heaven’s armies.

Have you taken time to just stop what you’re doing and offer up a sacrifice of praise to the LORD – YHWH – for what he’s done? Is your heart filled with gratitude for saving you from a demon’s hell and eternal separation from Him? The LORD does work miracles on behalf of his children simply because He loves us! He is not required or mandated to do anything for us. He simply chooses to love us more than we love him! Take a moment today to praise God for what he’s done in your life, and while you’re at it, worship him for just being who He is – THE I AM WHO I AM!

Father, thank you for just being you. Today doesn’t have to be some huge production about what you’ve done, are doing, and will do in my life. I just want to humbly express my gratitude and love for you as my God and my Father. There are not enough words in all the languages of this world to describe how deep your love for humanity is. In fact, that love was expressed in the blood of your one and only Son, Jesus! What a magnificent and awesome God you are! You are able to do far above all we can think or imagine. Your thoughts and ways far exceed what limitations our humanity provides. I love you, Dad. Thank you for being there for me in the good, bad, and ordinary times. May your will alone be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.