Write it all down.

 Moses then wrote down everything the Lord had said. – Exodus 24:4a

The LORD spoke many things to Moses about how Israel was to conduct itself in life in regards to their own, their neighbors, and their God. Moses received a vast amount of information and needed to record it, so he and the people would not forget it. He was careful to write down EVERYTHING the LORD told him.

Not everyone has an exceptional memory, so many people write things down in a planner, electronic personal assistant, calendar, or some other medium. Given the volumes of information Moses received from the LORD it was wise for him to write down everything God said. In this way he recorded every word and had a means of remaining accountable to God and being able to obey his commands. We, too, should write down things God tells us. Sure, we have his written Word thanks to the prophets and apostles, but that is not the final word from the Father. That is his logos, but he still gives us his rhema, revealed word. This can come in the form of visions, dreams, prophecies, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, or even direct communication during prayer. God does and will hold us accountable for what we do with the directives he’s given us. Therefore, it is a best practice to pen on paper or other sustainable medium what God tells us. For even in the book of Habakkuk, the LORD tells us to write down the vision and make it plain! Let’s be good and faithful servants by writing down our mission and directives and then carrying them out.

Father, thank you for reminding us of the need and necessity to write down what you tell us. For this very reason, remembering what you tell me, I blog my daily devotions. I have a written, or typed, record of the lesson or knowledge that you want me to glean from your word on any given day. I can and do share it with others that they may learn from it as well. Since I started this blog at your request, tens of thousands have come and read the insights you’ve given me and helped transform their lives as you have mine. Your word and insight and wisdom has reached people in some of the remotest parts of the world even in repressed countries to which I could never travel. I am humbled by this endeavor in that you have fulfilled your word to me in that I’d be a missionary to the nations. Little did I know that at least partial fulfillment of that would be via the Internet and this blog. You always astound me! May your will continue to be done, and only yours! In Jesus’ name, Amen.