Don’t blame others for your failings and shortcomings.

“…Let me go over and see the good land beyond the Jordan—that fine hill country and Lebanon”. But because of you the Lord was angry with me and would not listen to me. “That is enough,” the Lord said. “Do not speak to me anymore about this matter.” – Deuteronomy 3:25-26

Moses became angry with the people of Israel in the desert. They complained for a second time that there was no water to drink. The first time this happened the LORD told Moses to strike the rock at Horeb, which resulted in water gushing out of the rock. This time, though, the LORD told Moses to speak to the rock about bringing forth water, but Moses in his rage against the people lashed out and struck the rock in disobedience. This event would eventually cost him entering into the Promised Land. When they reached the point in time where the LORD told Israel to prepare to cross over the Jordan, Moses pleaded with the LORD to allow him to cross over and just see the land flowing with milk and honey. Moses, in turn when explaining the future to the next generation before they entered the Promised Land, blamed their hostilities for his disobedience and denial of entering the Promised Land. God did, however, allow him to go up Mount Pisgah and view the entire land from that vantage point before he died there at the LORD’s hand.

We cannot blame others for our falls and shortcomings. No one is responsible for our mistakes or wrong choices but us. Each and every day we have to make a conscious decision to serve the LORD our God. Some days are easier than others to make this decision while others can seem to be a real struggle. The events of life seem to worm their way into our daily existence and try to derail us in our walk. As we progress down the narrow path that is laden with its trials and tests, we must stay cognizant of the One who guides us and carries us through the difficult times. Moses spoke of the way God carried Israel from the borders of Egypt to the borders of Canaan, as a father carries his child, and He will do the same for us. He loves us and will fight for us if we stand still and see the salvation of the LORD.

Even in Moses’ day, the LORD warned Israel about what would happen to them after they settled the Promised Land and began to profit and benefit from its good bounty. The LORD said that in their wealth and abundance the people would soon forget His blessings and turn away from him. That is exactly what history teaches us regarding the fate of the Jews in the land of promise. Over the centuries, they rebelled against God and chose to have a king rule over them like their surrounding pagan neighbors. They turned to idol worship and bowed themselves prostrate before false deities. This enflamed the LORD’s anger and forced Him to exile them into Assyria and Babylon. The Jews, who continually rebelled against the LORD, always wanted to blame their ills on others rather than face the truth of reality in that they caused their issues. Moses did the same thing. We often do the same thing. The whole process started with Adam in Eden when he blamed Eve, who in turn blamed the serpent for beguiling her. It’s the old blame game of the buck stops here.

Let us not be like Moses or those who over time chose to sublimate their faults and shortcomings and wrong choices on others. Let us grow into mature men and women of the Almighty God, YAHWEH, who loved us enough to offer up His only Son, YASHUA, as our ultimate, final sacrifice for sin. Let us not refuse this wonderful gift and make it of no effect by mocking it. When we stray or rebel, we need to repent of our wrongs and seek the Father’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

Father, you are the One who is to be revered above all others. Your name is great among the nations no matter what people say. You are feared by those that love out of respect and dreaded by those who don’t know you. Your grace and mercy are beyond belief and are legendary. You are the King of all! Thank you for loving me to the point of the death of Yashua on the cross followed by his resurrection! I see and hear what the Holy Spirit says to us today from the dedicated reading for today. Even as great a servant as Moses was, a man with whom you spoke face to face, had moments of weakness and allowed his emotions to rule him instead of subjecting them to your grace. Help me to be a man of peace and integrity, who brings all his issues to you first and seeks your counsel, which you said through the apostle James that you give generously to those who ask for it. I do so today. May your will be done in and through me and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.