There aren’t enough words to describe our LORD or what he can do!

He does great, unsearchable things, wonders beyond counting. – Job 9:10 CJB

In his anger, Job rants about his condition after he’d lost his children, all of his possessions, and his health. He hated the day he was born! Job tried to make sense of his plight and how, as he thought, that Yahweh could do this to him. In his discourse, Job mentioned that Yahweh does great, unsearchable things and wonders that are beyond counting.

Paul wrote, “ Now to him who by his power working in us is able to do far beyond anything we can ask or imagine.” He knew his Torah and Haftarah well enough to remember the passage from Job that tells us of Yahweh’s immense power and abilities. Job was right in stating that the Lord does things and wonders that are beyond measure. I mean how awesomely powerful is a Creator who can speak into existence the visible from the invisible?

Paul also told us that we see in part and know in part and that Yahweh’s ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are more than our thoughts. So it goes to reason that the Supreme being, who is the LORD, is far superior to us mere mortals.

There is no real application for the passage today other than to keep in mind the vastness of G-d’s power and grace! That grace has the power to save us through faith and to empower us to live out a life of faith in Yeshua! It boggles the human mind at the immensity of G-d and his abilities!

All that I can do is bow before him in humility and praise and worship him for what he’s done for us and to reciprocate the love he’s shown us by living out of his love for me rather than living for his love for me. I am just in awe of my King! I’m truly at a loss of words today other than “I love you!”

Father, thank you for being who you are and not who people think or say that you are! Thank you for being more than able to attend to all matters of the human experience. There are days like today when I don’t have the vocabulary or words to express how in awe of you I am! I think of your existence in heaven, a place still not big enough to contain you. I think of the things you have done and of the statement that it has not entered into the hearts and minds of mankind what you have in store for us! Unlike Job felt in this passage, I want to see you and know you more each day! I can only wait until I stand before you and experience for myself the grandeur of heaven and the complexity of your glory! I’m excited to humble myself before you and just bask in your Shekinah! May your will be done and not mine. I feel like a little kid awaiting a gift! There’s more excitement than anything else. Please never stop surprising me with your limitless grace. In the name of Yeshua, Amen.