I’m glad to have a Godly attorney on my side.

Even now, my witness is in heaven; my advocate is there on high. With friends like these as intercessors, my eyes pour out tears to God, that he would arbitrate between a man and God, just as one does for his fellow human being.– Job 16:19-21

Job in his second discourse with his friends continued to put up with their verbal assault on his character and false accusations. He tried to endure the onslaught as best he could without arguing with them,  but even he had his limits. At times he demonstrated his frustrations and retorted his claims to support his innocence. Finally, in what we know as the 16th chapter, the writer penned Job’s acknowledgement that he (and we) have an advocated before the Judge of judges, El Shaddai. He yearned for the intervention of the Advocate, who could entreat G-d to end his plight.

This passage is the first mention of the Messiah as our advocate before the Father, who is the ultimate Judge. Yes, we know from Yeshua and the apostles that the L-rd has given all power and authority in heaven and on earth to Yeshua until such time that He will relinquish that authority back to the Father. However, Yeshua is the one Mediator between G-d and man. He serves us before the Father by interceding for us and protecting us from the accusation of the devil, Lucifer.

Remember that one of Lucifer’s duties is to accuse the brethren day and night before the Father. He takes the record of sins we’ve committed and continually brings them in litigation against us before YHWH, as though he were the prosecuting attorney. In his legalism, the devil attempts to drag us in before the Judge and have us prosecuted under the Mosaic Law as violators of Torah. He reminds us of our criminal record to shake us in our faith, tries to kill, steal, or destroy the hope we have in Messiah, and does a decent job at it.

However, Yeshua HaMashiach acting as our Advocate pleads our case before the Father and reminds Him of our status: PARDONED! The Scriptures tell us that we are righteous before G-d because of the righteousness of Yeshua. His blood paid the atonement price for our sins and goes into effect at pardoning us from our criminal, sinful past when we believe in Him as L-rd, confess that He is L-rd, and believe that the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) raised Him from the dead! The past at that point is gone and never to be remembered by the Father. They are as far away as East is from the West! G-d considers us holy, purified, and right before Him in Yeshua!

Thus, when the seemingly old, snaggle-toothed lion roams the earth seeking whom he may devour, it won’t be the sheep of G-d’s flock. The Good Shepherd is the Gate that protects us from anyone who tries to come into the fold by any other means, who is but a thief and a robber! The accusations of the devil won’t stick because we’ve been pardoned. What of current or future sin? Will the devil be able to prosecute us on those matters? No. But how is that possible? For the same reason our past sins have been pardoned. The blood of Yeshua was and still is an ultimate, one-time sacrifice and payment of blood for our sins. It has the power to cleanse us from all unrighteous and to forgive our sins if we confess them to Him.

But does that give us a license to just do and live as we want? No, the apostle Paul gave a great treatise on the power of grace to forgive and empower us to live the Gospel life versus living a life of sin. Search the letters of Paul and study it out for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find! Just remember that Yeshua is your Advocate reminding the Court of heaven that you’ve been pardoned and set free IF you have accepted Yeshua as L-rd and Savior!

Father, thank you for permitting Yeshua my HaMashiach to serve as my counsel before your judgment seat. I know that there are sometimes days on end where the clerk of evil courts work  on me continually to try to get me to abandon my faith and turn against You. However, I continue to humble myself under Your mighty hand and believe in the Word of Yeshua that He has perfected me in Himself and presents me as a spotless lamb before You because of His fulfillment of Torah and serving as the ultimate sacrifice! Again, I thank you for loving me enough to put Your only Son through the torture and humiliation of the cross and then resurrect Him from the dead to seat Him at Your right hand of power! Because of these actions, I, too, am seated in heavenly places in Messiah! All glory and honor be unto You most Gracious One! May Your will be done, not mine. This I ask in name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Amen.