Being holy isn’t an option for the true disciple of Yeshua.

And this is the basic law of the Temple: Holiness! The entire top of the hill where the Temple is built is holy. Yes, this is the primary law concerning it. – Ezekiel 43:12

The LORD showed the prophet Ezekiel a vision of the Temple of the LORD when it would be rebuilt. There were all sorts of specific designs, measurements, and details that the LORD required the prophet to note. Among these details was one critical piece of information — the entire Temple mount and surrounding area was to be holy! Holiness did the LORD require of everyone who came to the Temple area whether priest, Levite, or commoner.

It’s amazing to me how quickly we lose sight of holiness in the modern church. There are those that decry those who call for a standard of holiness in the church. Isn’t it interesting that in the entirety of the Bible the singular most attribute of Yahweh, the LORD, isn’t love, compassionate, just, merciful, or patient but more importantly holy! The apostle Pete even told us that we are to be holy as our LORD is holy!

Our good news of salvation by grace through faith in the eternal gift of life via Yeshua has been hijacked and diluted to please the twitching ear of the apostate and deceived. Yes, we cannot earn or merit salvation, for it truly is a free gift of Yahweh to mankind; this is grace. Ah! But grace is so much more! It is the very power given to us by the Spirit of God to live a holy life! Yeshua told Paul that His grace is sufficient for all his needs! (2 Cor. 12:9)

You have to understand that in positional holiness there is nothing you can do. You are viewed by Yahweh in this manner through the grace extended to us through the atoning sacrifice of His Son’s blood. However, this does not excuse us from living a holy life. This is behavioral holiness which we must enact in ourselves. Revisit the words of Scripture given by Pete: Be holy as He is holy! Do you see the operative word there? It’s BE! The understood subject is the second-person singular YOU! (Or the grammarian’s understood you.) YOU create the action in that sentence. YOU have to choose to BE holy as the LORD is! YOU have to LIVE holy! YOU DECIDE whether YOU will BE holy as the LORD is holy!

We have been so wrongly taught for decades that sin is of no real consequence and that we have an Advocate before the Father interceding for us on our behalf when we do sin. There is truth in this statement, but we will be held accountable for our actions. Scripture points out that we know a tree by its fruit. It states that we deceive ourselves if we say we know God but continue sinning. The truth is not in such a one. That person is a liar! Scripture also states that there is no longer any sacrifice for those who know the truth and continue to sin anyway!

Oh that we could learn that a holy lifestyle is attainable not as a matter of earning salvation but as the standard by which Yahweh requires us to live our lives. Do you think a person who confesses with their mouth is a disciple of Yeshua but lives like a sinner is really a child of G-d at all? Look at the fruit! Does the faith the person confesses to possess match up with the outcome of that faith being put into action? Does such a one’s conduct conform to the world showing this one to be an enemy of G-d according to John? Or, does this person’s life evidence fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, humility, faithfulness, and self-control?

Grace does more than save us; it empowers us to live a holy life! G-d demands holiness of everyone who comes to Him once they are His child! Take a moment and ask the Spirit of G-d to show you the true color of your heart. He will reveal the inner most thoughts and desires of whom you really are. You may hide actions and words and thoughts from other people, but the LORD hears and sees it all! You cannot hide from Him. Are you living a holy life before the One who says to be holy as He is holy? It’s time to look inside and deal with the truth!

Father, thank you for the truth of your word. Thank you for the men and women of times gone by who chose to be holy as You are holy. They lived out life according to Your will. Thank you for sending Your Son to show us the perfect example of how to be empowered by Your Spirit to live a holy life here on the earth in a human vessel via Your grace. Help me to become holier and to not only practice what I preach but to preach what I practice. Your grace does empower me to live a holy life. You demand it, but You also provide the means the do so. How foolish it is of us to refuse Your grace and not be holy as You’ve ordained, mandated, and enabled us. I ask that only Your will be done in me. In the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, so be it.