Where he is, we are there!

Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me. – John 12:26

The Passover festival had arrived with many gathering in Jerusalem for the venue. Yashua and his disciples were in town and conversed with those around them. After he’d made his triumphal ride into the city on the donkey, he told the disciples of his imminent death and resurrection. In his discussion, he mentioned a parable of a seed and how it must drop to the ground, die, and be buried before it can produce much yield. He then went on to state those who serve him must follow him because where he is his servants will be also.

Many would look at this passage and concentrate on the idea of where Yashua is there his people are also. They would try to equate this with being in heaven because that’s where he is now. This idea is not untrue because Yashua told the disciples that he would go away to prepare them a place and return to gather them unto himself again. So, we know there is truth in the idea of being in heaven with Yashua in the future.

But what of now? Where is Yashua now? Does he not dwell in the hearts of people who are his disciples alive here on earth in the present day? Of course! Paul stated that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit! This idea gives us cause to pause and think about the idea of what Yashua said, “Where I am, my servants also will be.” Thus if Yashua is in us, then we are with him. Then, if he tells us to go somewhere to do a work for him, are we not where he wants us to be and is there with us?

Thus, we need to think about and begin practicing hearing, listening to, and following the directives that G-d gives us. He is everywhere because he is the omnipresent Creator and Master of the universe. We cannot be everywhere at one time like him, but we can be at one place when he wants us there. Again, we’d be there with him because of his indwelling Spirit. Therefore, follow the lead of the great commission…go! Do! Follow Yashua! Serve him by serving others! We have no excuses.

Father, you’re the ultimate! There’s no one who can do what you do! You’re holy! Mighty! Magnificent! You’re to be praised, and you alone! Thank you for once again speaking to me from your written word, accompanied by divine revelation of its contents from Ruach HaKodesh! Holy Spirit, you live up to your word about being the one who leads us into all truth and teaches us what we need to know. It’s refreshing to think that wherever Yashua is that I am there with him. He said that I am seated with him in heavenly places, yet I’m still here on the earth. He says that I’m your earthly temple, where you reside. He is in the Father, as I am in him. We are one. Thank you! May your will be done, in Yashua’a name. Amen.