When we obey God’s Word, we experience the blessing of his promises.

Deep in your hearts you know that every promise of the Lord your God has come true. Not a single one has failed! – Joshua 23:14b

Joshua neared the end of his life. He led the people of Israel into the Promised Land and divided it among the tribes as order by G-d. The leader of Israel warned the people to serve the L-rd and him only and to put away their idols. The people renewed their faith and commitment to serve the L-rd, and him alone. Joshua reminded the people that during their exodus from Egypt and through the 40 years of wandering in the desert of Sinai that the L-rd kept every promise he had made to the patriarchs regarding Israel’s occupation and possession of Canaan. He drove the enemies of Israel and gave them land, houses, and crops they didn’t establish. The L-rd was completely faithful to them! Not one of his promises fell short or failed to come to fruition.

The scriptures tell us that the L-rd is the God who never changes, he’s the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He promised us that his word always accomplishes what it was set out to do and to never return void to him. Therefore, we can hold to the truth of the Word of G-d and rest in the assurance that the promises he has made to us will come to pass.

The key lies in what Joshua told the Israelis. He told them to observe the Word of the L-rd and to be obedient to G-d. Joshua told them that those who stray away from G-d’s Word would find themselves outside the blessings of G-d. That truth still holds today. We may have grace and mercy and forgiveness through the blood of Messiah, but we still have to be obedient to G-d’s Word if we expect to receive the fruit of his promises. It has often been said that you can’t live like the devil Monday through Saturday and expect G-d to move on your behalf on Sunday! How true!

Let us make a concerted effort to be vigilant in our thoughts, words, and deeds to reflect the life that bears fruit of repentance and conversion. It’s one thing to give lip service allegiance to G-d, but it’s another to actually live out the life he expects us to live. Many cry foul and say that it’s impossible to do so, but they either don’t understand the full extent of grace or don’t know it. Messiah said that his Grace is all that we need to live life as he designed. In our weakness, he is made strong! It’s not by human power or strength but by the Spirit of G-d!

If you want to experience the fulfillment of G-d’s promises, you have to be obedient to his Word! This is not salvation by works! This is not legalism! This is the bear truth of G-d’s Word…obedience brings blessing! There is no other way!

Father, king of the universe! Humbly we come before the Might One, the Creator and L-rd of all! Blessed are you above all creation! We don’t deserve the many blessings you pour out upon us. Because of your unfailing love and faithfulness, we can and do live. I confess to you this day that the words of truth in your scriptures rang through my ears like the clangs of steeple bells and if I were only feet away from them! Even now, my heart languishes because of the stain I see upon it. I know that I’ve not be fully obedient to your word. I rebelled against you in the slightest of things, but I know that I must confess my sin to you and trust that you wash me clean of all iniquity, sin, and treachery, regardless of act. I long to follow after you and live holy before you, but it takes your grace to empower me to do so. I cannot live holy without it. That is an exercise in futility. Grant the strength to walk as you desire. Help me to stay on the narrow path inside the narrow gate. No one ever said it was an easy journey or without difficulty. However, I trust you to lead me and guide me, to bless me and to correct me, and to love me as your own. Forgive me, Father. I ask this all in the name of Messiah, Yashua. Amen.