Have you given all of yourself COMPLETELY to God?

Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God. – Romans 6:13

The apostle Paul wrote that by the death and resurrection of Jesus we’ve been made alive in him and restored by faith in him regarding our relationship with the Father. He noted that Adam brought sin to us all through his one act of disobedience while Jesus brought life through his act of obedience. The one brought death, both physical and spiritual, while the other brought life, spiritual to mankind. The one gave himself unto death through sin while the other gave himself unto life through truth and obedience. Paul warned us that we are no longer slaves to sin but slaves unto righteousness when we live as God designed. Thus, he told us to give ourselves over to God completely so that we may do what is right for God’s glory.

The part of this passage that struck me life a 2”x4” board upside the head was the phrase, give yourselves completely [emphasis added] to God. Have any of us really, truly given over ourselves completely to God? I would dare say not. I don’t raise the question of whether people are true disciples of Jesus and heirs of the promise of eternal life in him. My thought goes to the point of whether we actually commit ourselves 100% to living life in a fashion that permits us to do what is right to bring God glory.

I know that there are areas of my life that remain a tug-of-war in submitting them to the Father fully. One such area is the talent of playing the piano. From my childhood, I studied piano and learned to play the instrument to no respectable level, as perceived by true musicians. I learned the basic mechanics of the instrument, attempted to practice and play it for nearly a decade, and even performed in public places in my youth. However, I’ve never fully committed this talent to God. I never developed it to any useful point. Sure, I can bang out tunes on the piano, read music, and even wrote some short pieces many years ago, but the joy was never there. It was a laborious endeavor in my childhood thrust upon me by my mother.

Now that I am much older in life and moving in the direction mapped out for me long ago, I have to revisit the purpose and usefulness of this talent that has lain dormant for more than three decades. Did God give it to me for us in his kingdom and for his glory? Or was it merely the desire of my mother to impose this upon me as a child for her gratification? Piano playing has never brought me any joy or satisfaction per se. It was just a part of my life. Is that to say that God cannot use it for his plans and purposes in my life? No! It is merely an area of consideration that I have to deal with regarding giving myself completely to God to use my whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.

I have to take up this matter in prayer to the Father and seek out the counsel of the Holy Spirit in this matter. To some, this may seem like a trivial matter, but do we really believe in the whole counsel of God or cherry pick the parts that appeal to us?

Father, you are the holy One, the exalted One, and the magnificent One! To you alone be all glory, honor, and praise! You tell me to come before your throne of Grace boldly to make known my petitions before you. Well, here I am. I dare not think I can demand anything of you, but in all true humility, I stand before you as your son requesting that you help me to the conclusion of my dilemma. You can take a donkey to speak to a prophet to save his life. You can use rocks as witnesses against people regarding oaths and promises they made. You can use the beauty of creation to express your omnipotence. Thus, you can use me to do your bidding and bring glory to you. Please help me come to terms and reach peace over the talent that was partially developed in my youth. I am not gifted in this area but do have the intelligence you gave me to learn how to play the piano and learn music. This is one area that I know that I have never fully and completely surrendered to you. It doesn’t torment me but does give me angst and frustrates me at times. I seek your counsel and ask for your wisdom in the matter. May your will be done no matter what in all areas of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.