How will you react in times of calamity?

In all this Job neither committed a sin nor put blame on God. – Job 1:22

Job faced complete economic loss and ruin along with the deaths of all his children. His wife confronted him and suggested that he curse Yahweh and die. He endured debilitating disease! All of these happened to him without his initiating any act that led to them occurring. Despite all of this, he refused to blame Yahweh!

Have you ever had something terrible happen to you in which you had no part in it? For example, a loved one dies in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver hitting and killing that person. Some people, including disciples of Yeshua, Jesus, begin to ask how Jehovah could take them away from them! They wrongly blame the Father for the issue.

Although He allows things to happen in our lives for whatever purpose, He does NOT cause us harm. We have to learn to develop the type of resolve that Job had. He refused to lash out at anyone or blame anyone. He realized that things happen in life; some we control and others we don’t. Job refused to blame our Creator for the calamity. His wife even suggested he curse Jehovah and die! What nonsense!

So how would you handle such a situation? I guarantee none of us is sure until that moment, but let us prepare ourselves to deal with such a moment. For there will be a time in your life when calamity strikes and forces you to face reality. Will you be like Job and work through it? Or, will you react like his wife and place blame wrongly and give into sin?

Father, thank you for your love and mercy. I have struggled at times with how I would handle devastation in my life. I have been like Job’s wife in my past and blamed others for things that happened to me whether it was my fault or not. However, I’ve come to learn to trust in your peace and to let that peace rule in my heart. It is still not an easy to thing to face, but at least I know you are there helping me through it. Your wisdom gets me past the calamity while your grace gives me the power to continue in the right direction. Please continue to develop the fruit of patience in me. You know better than anyone how true that is! May your will be done, in Yeshua’s name, Amen.