Washed by Water Thru the Word

Daily Reading

Below is the daily reading schedule for doing your Daily Wash. You can read the selected passage each day either with your hard copy of the Bible or by clicking on one of the online Bible resources in the Useful Links. Once you’re on the site of your choice, you can just type in or copy/paste the selected passage from this web page to read it. Enjoy, and may God’s Spirit speak to you and wash you clean with the water of the Word. This reading schedule will help you read the Bible through in a 12-month period and do so by reading complete books of the Bible in their entirety. This style allows you to get a greater understanding of each book and the overall message each author intended for that book, as inspired by the Spirit of God. Enjoy!

To obtain a copy of the Daily Reading Schedule, please click the link below for a PDF copy, thanks. (It should open in another window/tab in most browsers.)

Daily Reading Plan


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