Do your actions impact the lives of others for good?


You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. – Genesis 50:20 NLT


Jacob had died and was buried in Canaan in the cave Abe had bought from Hittites. The 10 elder brothers now feared that Jospeh, prime minister of Egypt and the brother they’d sold into slavery, would now turn to seek revenge on them. However, he assured them that he loved them and would continue to care for them and their families as he had been doing.

Application :

Joe could’ve turned on his brothers and exacted his revenge, yet he chose to extend grace to them instead. Here we see Joe as a type of Jesus in the Old Testament. He served as a savior to his people by giving then physical life through the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, and shelter. So long as Joe was prime minister, his extended family had the best of everything.

Had he turned on them and destroyed them, he would have failed the mission God gave him to do, save his people. Jesus was in the same situation. His people betrayed him to the point of death thinking they were doing God a favor, but like Joe’s brothers, what they meant for evil, God used for good, the good of all mankind, salvation for all who accept the gift of life through Jesus!

Jesus could’ve refused death on the cross and saved himself. He could have chosen a different path and failed the mission God gave him to do, but he didn’t. Despite it all, he finished the course and saved us.

That begs us to ask the question, are we fulfilling our mission or doing what we want? Joe and Jesus loved others enough to endure the hardships, lies, and betrayals of friends and family to save their people and see the blessings of God’s promises be fulfilled.

What has God called us to do to serve our fellow man and see them be saved by grace through faith in Jesus? Are we doing it? There’s a world of hurting, lost people looking for answers that you have if you’re a disciple of Jesus! Let’s be about the Father’s business and help usher in new members of his family into the kingdom. It may be hard and difficult but is worth it for the sake of others not spending an eternity in a demon’s hell!


Father most high! Blessing and honor belong to you alone! Great is your name and is greatly to be praised! Help me fulfill my role in the great drama of life. Give me the daily grace I need to succeed in completing my mission that you’ve given me. None of us can do it alone, for as Jesus said, he is the vine while we are the branches that can do nothing if not connected to the vine! Help us Holy Spirit to do what it is we’re to be doing each day. JESUS thank you for not quitting on us, and like Joseph, going the distance to see your people be saved! We can’t do it without you! May your will be done, not ours. In your name, Yahshua, Amen.