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April 8, 2019

…in All Good Conscience Before God..

 And Paul, earnestly beholding the council, said, Men and brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day. – Acts 23:1

Paul went to Jerusalem and was arrested by the Roman army because he’d caused a commotion in the city as the Jews wanted him strung up. He was brought before the Sanhedrin for trial, and during the opening, he stated his innocence of violating the Law of Moses in that he had always lived in good conscience before God. His proclaimed innocence led to his being smacked across the face by order of the high priest to which Paul called the high priest a whitewashed wall all the while not knowing who it was that gave the order. He apologized for badmouthing the leader of their people.

What a testimony to proclaim before one’s judge and jury, especially when you know you’re being brought up on false charges! Paul knew, though, that he told the truth and was sticking to his story. His life his conversion proved that he had lived by the tenets of the Mosaic Law, which Jesus summed up as loving God with all one is and loving one’s neighbor as oneself. Paul, in his preaching circuit, had been beaten, stoned, left for dead, and chased out of town after town. He never fought with his adversaries, always loved on the people, and taught the truth of the gospel of the kingdom to those that who would hear him.

We, all, should strive to live a life that is pleasing to God and one that fulfills the mission he’s set before us. We, all, should be so confident and sure of our testimony like Paul that we can stand before our accusers and declare that our witness has been one lived in all good conscience before God. The way we do that is to do just as Jesus declared in loving our God and our neighbors. As Jesus’ brother James put it, fulfill the royal law of love. Do you and I live a life that can honestly declare to the world that we’ve lived our lives in all good conscience before God? Let’s take time to have a retrospection and inventory our behavior and then make any needed adjustments so that we can say that phrase with certainty!

Father, thank you for the truth of your word and for men such as Paul who stood up and told the truth at all cost! He lived a life that exemplified what it means to be all out and all in at the same time. I’m sure that he had no question about his declaration of living a life of good conscience before you because he sold out to you and wanted to finish the race and win the prize, as his letters tell us. Build in me that level of confidence all the while teaching me daily how to walk faithfully and obediently in your ways in humility. I want to echo Paul’s words one day and be able to stand before others and declare that I’ve lived my life until that day in all good conscience before you. May your love abound in me more and more each day. I yield to you, Father. In the name of your Son, Jesus, I pray. So be it.

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